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The heart of the microwave system, the magnetron, must always be kept fully functional. Thermex-Thermatron offers replacement MW Magnetrons for all of its Microwave Systems including Thermex 75kW Generators and Thermex 100kW Generators.

For assistance in pricing and availability on any parts, please contact our purchasing department at (502) 916-8970, or via email:

Part Number: MW Magnetrons - Part # T57-50-L3
Microwave Magnetrons, 75kW

Part Specifications
  • MW Magnetrons, 75kW
  • 915MHz, CW
  • For use with Thermex 75kW MW Systems
MW Magnetrons - Part # T57-50-L3

Part Number: MW Magnetrons - Part # T57-1000-L3
Microwave Magnetron, 100kW

Part Specifications
  • MW Magnetron, 100kW
  • 915MHz
  • For use with Thermex MW Systems
MW Magnetrons - Part # T57-1000-L3