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RF Seal and Cut Presses

Thermex-Thermatron has a variety of RF Seal and Cut Presses, including:

  • RF Seal and Cut 25 Ton Hydraulic Presses
  • RF Seal and Cut Four Ton Presses

The same Thermex-Thermatron process that enables our equipment to make uniform, rapid, and controlled RF welds also enables us to manufacture durable, industry-leading sealers and cutters. By leveraging our mastery of the physics of RF heating, we are able to deliver high-quality, high-efficiency equipment across the sealing and cutting spectrum.

RF Seal and Cut Presses Products

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Advantages of an RF Press

There are many advantages to RF Presses including a shorter processing time in which production speed can be doubled or tripled.  An RF Press provides even welds without overheated or unsealed areas. 


The demand for Thermex-Thermatron high frequency heating equipment and systems continues to increase, because we provide companies with a competitive edge in technology — delivering better performance and output. We also understand that the application of high frequency energy creates special demands on electrical and mechanical devices used in product transport and energy application.

Strong technical support has always been a top priority for Thermex-Thermatron. Our experienced, well-trained Field Service Engineering and Technical staff is available for installation, preventive maintenance, equipment modification, and repair for our equipment as well as non-Thermex-Thermatron equipment.

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