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RF Seal and Cut 25 Ton Hydraulic Presses


Our heavy-duty hydraulic seal and cut RF press, the 25 Ton model, is ideal for tough jobs where maximum throughput is necessary at all times. This RF System has uniquely combined the sealing and die-cutting operations specifically for those materials that cannot be tear-sealed through conventional dielectric heat sealing methods. Our air/hydraulic and air operated Radio Frequency Platen Presses can be customized to your exacting specifications for both sealing and cutting.

The above system is shown with a Turntable Material Handling System.  Other options include a Servo-driven Indexing System and an Indexing Nip Roller System, both of which come with Multiple Roll Unwind Stands.  Click here for more details on all of our Material Handling Systems.

Every Thermatron RF System is equipped with standard features that include heavy duty C Presses and control relays, precision ground upper platens and bedplates, and circuit breaker overload protection.  

Thermex-Thermatron is now offering customizable RF Tooling Services.  Thermex's skilled and experienced team understands all aspects of RF Heat Sealing and RF Tooling from design and engineering to manufacturing, all executed from our Louisville, Kentucky facility.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Resized 25 Ton Hydraulic Seal And Cut Rf Press 2016

Specialty Medical Devices | Automotive Visors and Door Panels | Reinforced Inflatables

  • Medical devices
  • Automotive interiors
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Barriers
  • Garments and containment
  • Environmental
  • Barriers
  • Advertising specialties
  • Two (2) RF presses comprised of a heavy duty air/hydraulic Seal and Cut C Press with 50,000 pounds of adjustable cutting force
  • 4-40kW of RF power available.
  • Solid State Power Supply with surge limit circuit.
  • Four (4) position platen-leveling adjustments.
  • Separate grid and plate meters for simultaneous read out.
  • Plate overload indicator.
  • AS-5 Arc Suppressor with sensitivity controls.
  • Two (2) hinged generator cabinet access doors.
25 Ton Hydraulic Seal And Cut Rf Press Brochure Pic

Product Technical Specifications for the RF Seal and Cut 25 Ton Hydraulic Presses

Thermex Strip 01


RF Hydraulic Systems -  RF Hydraulic Systems function and perform tasks through the use of fluid that is pressurized combined with Radio Frequency Welding.  The power of liquid fuel in hydraulics is significant and as a result, hydraulics are commonly used in heavy equipment.

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