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Let Thermex Technology Improve Your Manufacturing Process

Thermex-Thermatron provides a range of custom microwave, radio frequency, and thermal solutions that help manufacturers produce high-quality products more efficiently. By adopting Thermex systems, manufacturers can make a wide variety of specialized products that improve safety, comfort and aesthetics. Our innovative systems have become a preferred option to increase productivity, lower costs, eliminate emissions, and increase throughput in many industries.

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Thermex operates ThermaLab, our in-house laboratory, to give clients a chance to test our equipment on our fully-dedicated manufacturing floor. Clients get to witness firsthand how microwave and/or radio frequency heating will benefit their products. Thermex can even provide process development services to help potential clients decide whether they want to use our engineering innovations. Watch this video to learn more.

Contact Thermex-Thermatron. The results will speak for themselves.

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Our dielectric heating systems can be applied to a number of products across many industries such as:

  • Military & Security: Composite armor and ballistic panels; glass lamination; tents and tarps; containment booms and barriers; recovery floats; life vests; watercraft; inflatables
  • Energy: Solar panels; electrical insulators
  • Building Industry: Laminated veneer lumber; preheating and curing adhesives; medium-density fiberboard; particle board; oriented strand board; tool handles; composite structural components
  • Architecture: Glass lamination; composite structural components; display lamination; electrical insulators; solar panels
  • Home Furnishings/Residential: Medium density fiberboard; particle board; oriented strand board; tents, awnings, shade, and tarps; tool handles
  • Petroleum: Sucker rods; waste treatment
  • Recreational: Pool liners and covers; life vests; watercraft; inflatables
  • Food: Cookies; crackers; biscuits
  • Research & Development: Drying; curing; tempering; baking; testing/heating studies
  • Environmental: Waste treatment

Many of these products are also manufactured with the benefit of a material handling system.  Thermex-Thermatron has a full line of material handling systems which include shuttles, turntables, indexing systems, nip rollers, and unwind stands.


Thermex systems use microwave, radio frequency heating, and thermal solutions that are perfect for producing many types of packaging products. All heating solutions are rapid processes that offer considerable control. These advantages can reduce processing times and improve the quality of output.

Your business can likely use our systems if your products require:

  • Welding
  • Heat-sealing
  • Bonding
  • Preheating
  • Drying
  • Laminating

Systems like the RF Welding Inline Systems, RF Platen Presses, and RF Seal and Cut Presses give their owners numerous benefits. By using the latest manufacturing technology from Thermex-Thermatron, you can expect to improve:

  • Process speed
  • Output quality
  • Cycle times
  • Cost savings

These benefits can help any manufacturer move ahead of its competitors.

Whether your business is interested in using industrial microwave systems, radio frequency sealing systems, or industrial thermal presses in your manufacturing process, Thermex-Thermatron has a solution that will increase your production rates while improving quality and lowering costs.

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