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With the acquisition of JTE Machines, Thermex-Thermatron is now proud to add Conveyor Belt Welders to its growing line up.  For many years, JTE has been serving the Lightweight Conveyor Belt manufacturing community with this array of welders.  

JTE Machines has been a longtime member of the NIBA - The Belting Association and is proud to serve NIBA's membership.  

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V-Guide Welder

What is a V Guide?  It is usually centered, adhered to the bottom of the conveyor belt to match up to the groove in the pulley that enables the belt to move.

Our six foot V-Guide Hot Air Welder welds V-Guides onto conveyor belts and includes a grinding wheel for non-coated surfaces needing glue adhesion.  It has an advanced roller system, moveable head, and foot pedal for accurate positioning and consistency when welding on longer belts. Three custom fabricated guides are included.

This machine is a multi-function V-Guide Hot Air Welder and Grinder, designed to easily weld endless or open belts up to 72” wide. The motorized two-shaft synchronized roller system, moveable head, and foot pedal start/stop enables accurate positioning and ensures consistency. The on-board PLC includes adjustments for speed, temperature, and airflow. Three custom fabricated guides are included.

V-Guide Notching Machine

Why does a conveyor belt need notches? There is a standard in the industry for the pulley systems that spec out which size/shape V-Guide is needed for the particular application. The wider belts carrying heavier loads need bigger v-guides.  Instead of stocking different size v-guide belts, this machine automatically notches (cuts) v-guide belts ranging from 5mm-22mm wide in the exact pattern required.

The V-Guide Notching machine runs independently and is very fast. Different sized guides allows for just in time production of the exact v-guide needed per order.

This machine operates unattended, automatically notching v-guide belt ranging from 5mm-22mm wide. It produces the most consistent and cleanest cut available. Output is up to 100 notches per minute. Quick change-over guides and material out sensor ensure for optimum production efficiency.

Edge-Cap RF Welder

What is an Edge Cap and why does it need to be welded on a conveyor? 

It is a term used by Conveyor Belt manufacturers that refers to the edge of a PVC or PU coated belt. Since the belt is made with polyester or nylon fabric and then coated, when it is cut to width, the belt has a “raw edge” exposing the inside of the belt to moisture or potential bacteria. Because these belts are used to move food, they must comply with FDA regulations that mandate hermetically sealed joints and the belts must have sealed edges.  Customers can either hot air weld or RF weld strips of pure PVC/PU to their belts to seal these edges. RF is more consistent and less operator dependent. It is not that the conveyor belt people don’t know what an edge cap is, it is a method of “how” to achieve this consistently.

Our 60 “ dedicated high frequency (HF) welder ensures hermetic edges on PVC or PU belts, so that no moisture or bacteria can enter the belt. There is no need for manual trimming or finishing with this one step process. Customized tooling is part of this easy and consistent way to comply with current food and safety requirements for lightweight conveyor belt manufacturers. 

Thermex-Thermatron now offers RF Tooling Services which serve the conveyor belt industry. Please contact us for more information on how both the Edge-Cap RF Welder and our customized tooling can benefit your manufacturing processes.


The demand for Thermex-Thermatron high frequency heating equipment and systems continues to increase because we provide companies with a competitive edge in technology – delivering better performance and output.  We also understand that the application of high frequency energy creates special demands on electrical and mechanical devices used in product transport and energy application.

Strong technical support has always been a top priority for Thermex-Thermatron. Our experienced, well-trained Field Service Engineering and Technical staff is available for installation, preventive maintenance, equipment modification, and repair for our equipment as well as non-Thermex-Thermatron equipment.

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