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Thermex Industrial Microwave Generators are a completely self-contained microwave source used for industrial heating processes. Designed to be rugged and dependable, and built to the high Thermex quality standards. The continuous output power ranges from 10kW to 100kW and is controlled by varying the magnetic field around the magnetron using an electromagnet. This provides continuous and steady control of the output power manually or automatically by a front mounted Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with HMI.

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The Drying Process

Microwaves produce heat by vibrating water molecules nearly a billion times per second. Microwave drying simultaneously penetrates all parts of the material being heated giving uniform heating.

Other methods of heat dry from the surface and then move inward. Industrial microwave drying introduces considerable advantages to the manufacturing process with about 80% plus energy efficiency compared to about 50% for gas fired rotary drum dryers.  

Powerful, Reliable Microwave Generators

In the field of microwave and radio frequency generators, Thermex-Thermatron Systems designs and manufactures the most dependable microwave generators and related products.

Generators are available in several power ranges and basic to advanced controls, depending on the client’s specific requirements, Thermex-Thermatron Systems offers many advantages over conventional heating processes.

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Trust Solutions Made to Outperform Expectations

Thermex-Thermatron Systems has in its inventory a variety of microwave drying and heating solutions that can be custom-designed for a range of microwave applications. Quality, functionally, durability and safety are the priorities of Thermex-Thermatron Systems as we develop microwave dryers and heaters to meet exceptional standards.

Over Eight Decades of Dielectric Heating Expertise

With over 80 successful years since introducing the benefits of high-frequency heating to a broad array of industrial applications, Thermex-Thermatron Systems is the right partner to approach if you need a solution for your industrial heating or drying requirements. 

To learn more about our machines or to get started customizing a unique equipment solution, contact one of our representatives or submit your request through our Contact Us form.

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The demand for Thermex-Thermatron high frequency heating equipment and systems continues to increase because we provide companies with a competitive edge in technology – delivering better performance and output.  We also understand that the application of high frequency energy creates special demands on electrical and mechanical devices used in product transport and energy application.

Strong technical support has always been a top priority for Thermex-Thermatron. Our experienced, well-trained Field Service Engineering and Technical staff is available for installation, preventive maintenance, equipment modification, and repair for our equipment as well as non-Thermex-Thermatron equipment.

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