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RF Tooling

Radio Frequency Tooling at Thermex-Thermatron

Thermex-Thermatron is pleased to add RF Tooling to its lineup of services offered to complement the Thermatron line of heat sealers.  RF Tooling is crucial to the success of high frequency welding.   

Our experienced and tenured team looks forward to serving your company to design, engineer, and manufacture an RF Heat Sealer and RF Tooling, which together will ensure the successful output of your product.  


See firsthand how your RF tooling will work in ThermaLab, our fully dedicated lab area on the Thermex-Thermatron manufacturing floor, which features two RF Platen Presses and an RF Bar Sealer.  All radio frequency equipment is  available to test a wide variety of materials and processes with your Thermex-Thermatron customized RF Tooling.  

ThermaLab is also ideal for those companies whose processes do not yet utilize RF technology, or companies currently using non-Thermex-Thermatron equipment. Now there is a way — at little or no cost — to test and evaluate selected products on Thermex equipment; in a realistic manufacturing environment.

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RF Tooling for Industry Utilization

RF Tooling is used anywhere that Thermatron Radio Frequency Systems are found.  From the Medical Industry to seal IV Bags and Blood Pressure Cuffs to the Automotive Industry to weld Door Panels and Seat Bladders, our heat sealing systems have been a trusted partner for over 80 years.  Radio Frequency Tooling is important of manufacturing processes to ensure a proper seal is made every time.

Versatile Uses & Applications

RF Tooling is used in many industries including:
*Lightweight Belting for Airports, Food, Treadmills, Pharmaceuticals, Hygiene, Packaging, Automotive, etc.
*Packaging including Food and Pharmaceutical
*Medical Bags and Pouches, Inflatables, Blood Pressure Cuffs, Blankets, Sleeves, Braces, Wearable Compression Garments
*Advanced Textiles for Awnings, Tents, Tarps, Blinds, Seat Cushions
*Automotive Airbags, Carpet Heel/Toe/Scuff Pads
*Military & Security - Barriers, Containment, Biohazard Suits, Ballistic Products, Honeycomb Structures for Aircraft, Inflatables (Life Vests, Watercrafts)

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