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V-Guide Welding Systems


The JTE Hot Air V-Guide Welding System features a grinding wheel that accommodates 72" wide belts and is designed to weld both endless and open belts.  With a two (2) shaft synchronized roller system and a movable welding head, the welder easily adjust to ensure the exact welding position of the v-guide.  The belt does not need to be removed for pre-grinding as that step is included in this highly functional, all in one solution. 

This multifunction hot air system has PLC-controller speed, temperature, and airflow, and allows for a variety of thicknesses and materials.   The foot pedal start and stop allows for accurate positioning.

The v-guide welder is equipped with one sanding drum that  uses a standard emery cloth paper to grind the belts.  This drum is powered by its own motor and can be easily adjusted to different positions on the belt.  

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JTE Machines is now a division of Thermex-Thermatron Systems.

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Jte Hot Air V Guide Welder
  • Lightweight PVC Conveyor Belt Manufacturing
  • Lightweight PU Conveyor Belt Manufacturing
  • PLC Controls
  • Power and Air Requirements: 230V; 25Amps; 110 psi at 5CFM
  • Swing out welding nozzle
  • Moveable welding head
  • V-Guide material spool
  • Two (2) driven press rollers equipped with guide rollers
White Background V Guide

Product Technical Specifications for the V-Guide Welding Systems



Thermex Strip 01


V-Guides - A V-Guide Welder is used to weld a raised "V" shaped guide to the bottom of a conveyor belt to match the groove in the pulley that enables the belt to move.  Without the V-Guide, the conveyor belt could not align and properly move.