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V-Guide Notching System


JTE Machines has developed a system that easily, cleanly and automatically notches V-Guides ranging from 5mm to 15mm thick and 5mm to 22mm wide for conveyor belt products.  

The finished notched output has smooth edges and a consistency of product at a speed that will enhance your manufacturing process. 

The JTE V-Guide Notching System uses a pneumatic punch to cut the notch and features a pneumatic clamp and index system to advance the V-Guide material accurately for uniform notch spacing.  The index cylinder provides quick adjustment of the index length.  This system is fully automatic and includes a "material-out" sensor and a table stand.   

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JTE Machines is now a division of Thermex-Thermatron Systems.

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Jtev Guidenotchingsystem

Automatic notching of Conveyor Belt V-Guides

  • 100V, Single Phase Power
  • Approximate 2' x 2' footprint
  • Functions includes Start, Stop, and E-Stop
  • Quick Change Guides for fast V-Guide size changeovers
  • Material Unwind Roll Stand
  • Rewind Function
Jtev Guidenotchingsystem

Product Technical Specifications for the V-Guide Notching System



Thermex Strip 01


V-Guide Notches - Following the V-Guide Welder hot air sealing a v-guide to the bottom of a conveyor belt, the V-Guide Notching System is used next to add notches to the v-guide.  This process is done to ensure the conveyor belt aligns with the conveyor belt industry pulley system notching standard.