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RF Pultrusion Preheaters - Single Electrode


Pultrusion Preheater ovens use one of the most cost-effective and fastest growing methods for production of composite materials. In this continuous process a fiber reinforcement material is pulled through a resin bath then through a set of preform plates to begin to shape the bundle. On parts with a thin cross section, the bundle is then pulled through a heated die to cure the resin. A cured part exits the die, ready to be cut to length.

For parts with a thicker cross section, companies have found it advantageous to add dielectric heating equipment such as the Thermex RF Pultrusion Preheater to their Pultrusion line. The RF Pultrusion Preheater is used to heat the inside of the part before it enters the heated die. This increases the line speed. Additionally, manufacturers can produce a better-quality product; protected from the risk of a part stress-cracking. 

Thermex Pultrusion Preheaters are available in both single-electrode and multi-electrode models. The single-electrode model offers similar output power, voltage and input power KVA as the multi-electrode, but with a smaller spatial footprint.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Preheating of thermoset plastics for RF pultrusion.

  • Sucker rods for the oil and gas industry
  • Large diameter fiberglass rods, poles, tubes, bars, etc.
  • Fiberglass rebar for corrosive and marine environments
  • Composite structural components
  • Electrical insulators for power distribution
  • Tool handles
  • Continuous RF power available when using a material suitable for RF heating
  • Cooled by shop air drawn in through replaceable air filter
  • Nominal frequency of 75 MHz
  • Includes plate, grid current and DC Kilovolt meters
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Product Technical Specifications for the RF Pultrusion Preheaters - Single Electrode

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Tool and Oil Manufacturers Utilize Our Pultrusion Preheaters to Attain Exceptional Outcomes

Counting on our user-friendly technology, manufacturers produce fiberglass tool handles with professional ease. Customers know: our RF Pultrusion Preheater Systems are as effective as they are cost-efficient. Thermex-Thermatron's preheaters create robust, lightweight fiberglass sucker rods on a mass level. As such, production facilities benefit from our pultrusion capabilities, empowering the petroleum arena. 

Applying RF Pultrusion in Preheating with Value-Added Expertise

Manufacturers need highly designed RF heating equipment. Notably, Thermex RF Pultrusion Preheating systems outperform production by any other means. For over eight decades, Thermex-Thermatron has shaped the very technology that has advanced the RF Preheating sector. Thermex engineers understand: Reduce the necessary pulling force, and you can extend the life of your dies. Our single-electrode model ramps up production; doubling and tripling line speed. With an innovative design, key industries leverage this technology; delivering long-lasting results. 

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Strengthen Part Performance and Deliver Impeccable Precision

The Thermex-Thermatron name is trusted worldwide. Industries rely on our equipment, as Thermex systems make powerfully engineered results accessible. The benefit of using continuous RF power: you can apply concentrated heat focused on your raw materials. Sharpen product quality and use the exact power needed; uniformly to all loads. Through globally sustainable methods, you can harness agility, accuracy, and precision. 


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Temperature Distribution 

This prime variable determines how to melt or shape the microstructure of a finished product part’s outcome. Using specialized RF equipment facilitates control over temperature distribution.  

Heated Die

This RF heating tool is a crucial part in the manufacturing process. Thermex-Thermatron equipment applies high frequency energy. Through this energy, plastic material melts. There is no RF heating or sealing process without polarized molecules, set between a pair of heated dies. This activates an electric field between the electrodes.  

Reinforcing Fibers

These materials offer the support of high strength as well as stiffness. This helps manufacturers deliver exceptional production through RF technology. Using reinforcing fibers fortifies thermosets along with thermoplastics. Anything from glass to aramid, graphite, and carbon are frequently used as synthetic fibers.

Powder Resin 

Thermoplastic powder resins are cured in the RF heating process. From epoxy to polyester and vinyl ester, these powder resins help coat industrial raw materials. 

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