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RF Pultrusion Preheaters - Single Electrode


Pultrusion preheater ovens use one of the most cost-effective and fastest growing methods for production of composite materials. In this continuous process a fiber reinforcement material is pulled through a resin bath then through a set of preform plates to begin to shape the bundle. On parts with a thin cross section, the bundle is then pulled through a heated die to cure the resin. A cured part exits the die, ready to be cut to length.


For parts with a thicker cross section, companies have found it advantageous to add dielectric heating equipment such as the Thermex RF Pultrusion Preheater to the Pultrusion line. The RF Pultrusion Preheater is used to heat the inside of the part before it enters the heated die, increasing the line speed while helping to produce a better quality product by reducing or eliminating stress-cracking of the part.

The Thermex Pultrusion Preheaters are available in both single-electrode and multi-electrode models. The single-electrode model offers similar output power, voltage and input power KVA as the multi-electrode, but with a smaller spatial footprint.

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Rf Pultrusion Preheater Tp 125a 2021

Preheating of thermoset plastics for pultrusion

  • Tool handles
  • Sucker rods for petroleum
  • Electrical insulators for power distribution
  • Composite structural components
  • Large diameter fiberglass rods
  • Continuous RF power available when using a material suitable for RF heating
  • Cooled by shop air drawn in through replaceable air filter
  • Nominal frequency of 75 MHz
  • Includes plate, grid current and DC Kilovolt meters
  • Laser
  • PLC
  • Remote start / stop function
  • IR temperature sensor and display integrated into the control panel
Rf Pultrusion Preheater Single Electrode

Product Technical Specifications for the RF Pultrusion Preheaters - Single Electrode



Associated Parts

  • RF Oscillator Tubes - Part # 570021A