As the industry-leading manufacturer of the most respected Industrial RF and Microwave systems available, Thermex Thermatron has applied the same expertise, technical knowledge and craftsmanship to the manufacture of ThermaPress, our industrial thermal press.

Industrial Inline Thermal Press

The ThermaPress can be fully customized with shuttles, turntables, indexers, cutting and sealing stations, roll feed structures, full PLC controls and more. With the ability to seal much larger areas than ultrasonic, our industrial thermal press is ideal for heat sealing dissimilar materials not suitable for radio frequency heat sealing. Our engineers can turn your ideas into a versatile, durable, dependable thermal system to complement and enhance your production line.

Welding and heat sealing thermoplastic and industrial coated materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester

Medical bags • Air or water mattresses • Waste collection bags • Inflatables • Tents • Medical cushion support • Awnings • Liners • Vehicle covers

PLC with PC interface control monitors each of the four (4) stations

  • Station 1: Unwind Stand
  • Station 2: Thermal Press
  • Station 3: Automatic Indexer
  • Station 4: Trimming Station

Multiple Roll Unwind Stands for Thermal Presses

Thermex Thermatron, the premier builder of high powered industrial systems for heating dielectric materials, also manufactures customizable Multiple Roll Unwind Stands. These heavy duty stands can be used in conjunction with our RF heat sealing and thermal heat sealing systems, and are controlled via the sealing system’s PLC. Shown below are two of our stands – a three (3) roll and a four (4) roll. Our engineering team can customize an unwind stand to meet your manufacturing demands.

Supporting thermoplastic rolled materials in preparation for welding and heat sealing

Medical bags • Air or water mattresses • Seat cushions • Waste collection bags • Inflatables • Tents • Medical cushion support • Awnings • Liners • Vehicle covers


  • Customizable material roll count and material roll dimensions available
  • Lifting device supports up to 1000 lbs. of rolled material
  • Heavy duty frame with leveling screws
  • Web guide alignment device
  • Pneumatic dancer/relaxer system
  • Air filter, water trap, lubricator and pressure regulator with gauge
  • Modular pneumatic clamp