Thermex Industrial Microwave Generators are a completely self-contained microwave source used for industrial heating processes. Designed to be rugged and dependable, and built to the high Thermex quality standards. The continuous output power ranges from 10kW to 100kW and is controlled by varying the magnetic field around the magnetron using an electromagnet. This provides continuous and steady control of the output power manually or automatically by a front mounted Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with HMI.

Thermex Industrial Microwave Generators

Thermex Industrial Microwave Generator


  • Programmable to operate at maximum efficiency
  • Photoelectric Arc detection to protect the magnetron and wave guides
  • Recording and storage of up to 32 Operating Parameter recipes
  • Three port circulator with water load designed to protect the magnetron during high-reflected power periods
  • Major components cooled with plant water
  • NEMA 12 type cabinet enclosure measuring approximately 48″ deep x 72″ wide x 78″ high
  • On screen diagnostics, help screens and alarm messaging to assist with troubleshooting
  • Designed for ease of inspection, installation and maintenance

Common Uses:

Drying • Curing • Tempering • Baking


Ceramics • Catalysts • Vulcanizing • Composites • Bulk fibrous components • Sand cores • General drying & heating of electrically non- conductive materials • Research & development

Thermex Industrial Microwave Generators Standard Accessories

On screen calibration of all analog signals include:

  • Reflected power
  • Anode current
  • Anode voltage
  • Filament current
  • Magnet current
  • Output power


Interlocks include:

  • High reflected power
  • Water level
  • Cabinet air temperature


Indicator Lamps include:

  • Generator ready
  • Arc detected
  • Microwave “ON”


Push Buttons and Switches include:

  • Start-up
  • Shut down
  • Start heat
  • Stop heat
  • Arc reset
  • E-stop


Panel Meters include:

  • Output power
  • Filament hour