Automotive Carpet PLATEN PRESS

Automotive Carpet Platen Press

Automotive Carpet Platen Press

Thermex Thermatron has deep expertise in developing RF Welding and RF Sealing equipment. Now it has applied that knowledge to development of a platen press specifically designed to weld automotive carpet pads. Thermex Thermatron engineers have combined a versatile, heavy-duty, low friction press with a powerful, frequency-stabilized generator to create an ingenious system that delivers maximum efficiency and speed with minimum operating costs.

Heel pads, toe pads, and scuff pads for molded carpet or flat carpet; logo embossing and logo welding for throw-in mats.


  • PLC controlled
  • Solid state power supply
  • High efficiency oscillator circuit
  • Built in D.C. overload protection circuits
  • Air exhaust silencers for noise free operation
  • Pneumatic press speed controls.
  • Frequency stabilized generator at 27.12 MHz +/-0.6%
  • Air filters, water trap lubricator, and pressure regulator for carefree maintenance
  • Exclusive RF power feed to assure equal voltage distribution and uniform sealing

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