Another material handling option offered by Thermex-Thermatron are Turntable Systems. Turntable Systems are used in conjunction with our RF and ThermaPress Systems. Thermex-Thermatron Turntable Systems allow you to utilize labor in a faster, more efficient production cycle. They have been designed to give you complete control high-speed production with reduced loading time. Our Turntable Systems have the smooth operation and trouble-free use you expect from the most experienced high frequency equipment manufacturer in the world.

Thermex-Thermatron Material Handling Systems feature electrical-mechanical automatic rotary turntables for versatile higher speed and higher volume production requirements. Our Turntable Systems are customizable with the number of stations and the width of the turntable. The stations on the Turntable are used for the installation of the welding tool(s) or nest and for loading and unloading the materials to be welded.

RF Hydraulic 25 Ton Seal and Cut with Six Station 108″ Turntable

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RF Platen Press with Turntable and PLC

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RF 120 SP15 with Turntable and PLC

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