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Side by Side Shuttles


The use of Side by Side Shuttles maximizes both the operator and the RF System production time providing optimum efficiency. Thermex-Thermatron shuttles feature a heavy-duty frame, automatic cycle start including all necessary wiring and brackets.

Side by Side Shuttles are available in both Automatic and Manual configurations.  Automatic Side by Side Shuttles are PLC controlled and reduce worker fatigue while increasing productivity. These shuttle trays are power operated and can be programmed to move into and out of the press automatically at pre-determined rates. This Material Handling System requires two operators – one on either side of the press – working in tandem to load and unload the trays.  

Uses and applications for Side by Side Shuttles include large products and complex assemblies requiring materials to be precisely positioned on holding fixtures prior to placement under the RF Heat Sealing Press while keeping the operators hand safely out from under the press.

Thermex-Thermatron's Material Handling Systems are built to maximize efficiency and speed at minimal operating costs and can be incorporated into any Thermex-Thermatron RF, Thermal, or Industrial Press System.

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Rf Platen Press With Ext Shuttlejune 2015

Automotive Mats | Automotive Panels | Flat Carpet Applications | Medical Products | Packaging | Inflatables | General RF Sealing

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Automatic cycle start ensures maximum product production
  • Customizable tray sizes
  • PLC - located on a press arm or a pedestal
  • Automatic or Manual Side by Side Shuttle Options
Material Handling System Side By Side Shuttles

Product Technical Specifications for the Side by Side Shuttles