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RF Platen Presses With Side-By-Side Shuttles


Our engineers sharply designed this RF Heat Sealer to feature Side-by-Side Shuttles. With over 80 years of experience, Thermex-Thermatron has witnessed what can hold industries back. We created our RF welding machines to help any operator with versatility. Employing Side-by-Side Shuttles quickens production time — so you can achieve optimum efficiency. Built with a heavy-duty frame, our RF welding equipment gives you the option for an automatic cycle start. Additionally, our Side-by-Side Shuttles option includes all critical components — from wiring to brackets. 

Thermex-Thermatron is now offering customizable RF Tooling Services.  Thermex's skilled and experienced team understands all aspects of RF Heat Sealing and RF Tooling from design and engineering to manufacturing, all executed from our Louisville, Kentucky facility.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Rf F30 30 With Manual Side By Side

HF welding of automotive mats, panels and flat carpet applications; medical products; packaging; inflatables; and general RF sealing. 

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • PLC-controlled
  • Solid State power control
  • Manual and Fully Automatic Shuttles
  • Air Drop Shuttles
  • Side-by-Side and Single Side Shuttles
  • Extended Shuttles
Material Handling Side By Side Shuttles Brochure Pic

Product Technical Specifications for the RF Platen Presses With Side-By-Side Shuttles

Thermex Strip 01

Elevate the Efficiency of Heat Sealer Processes

We built our Side-by-Side Shuttles for varied uses and applications. Draw on the power of industry-trusted PVC welding technology to manufacture large products. Skillfully turn out complex assemblies. Thermex-Thermatron engineered our heat sealing machines for materials that hinge on precision. Incorporate any Material Handling System into one of our RF, Thermal, or Industrial Press Systems. Thermex-Thermatron's radio frequency welders are capable of competitive speed at minimal operating costs. 

Support Your Workforce with User-Friendly RF Sealing Equipment

This high frequency welder comes available in both Automatic and Manual configurations. Our Automatic Side-by-Side Shuttles are built to be PLC-controlled. Thermex-Thermatron designed this function for two key benefits. First, the automatic technology simplifies processes for factory workers on the production floor. Second, while easing worker fatigue, this premier HF welding technology boosts productivity. 

Thermex Thermatron Rf Platen Presses With Side By Side Shuttles Rf Platen Press With Auto Side By Side And T Stand

Add a Dielectric Sealer to Drive Industry-Leading Performance

Because our shuttle trays are power-operated, any user can program them accordingly. Move shuttle trays into and out of the press automatically. Customize this by selecting predetermined rates. Our Material Handling System calls for two operators. One can work on either side of the press. Operators can work in tandem with this plastic welder — loading and unloading trays; quickly.

Thermex Thermatron Rf Platen Presses With Side By Side Shuttles Rf Platen Press With Ext Shuttlejune 2015

Ramp Up Operational Safety with this Industrial Heat Sealer

Position materials spot on holding fixtures prior to placement under the RF Heat Sealing Press. We designed our press so you won’t need to place your hands beneath the press. This RF machine allows you to repeatedly deliver exact results — and protect operator hands in the process. 

Thermex Thermatron Rf Platen Presses With Side By Side Shuttles Rf F20 30 With Auto Side X Side Shuttle
Thermex Strip 01



When welding polyethylene, it is important to note: this material is specifically designed as a thermoplastic material. Industrial-coated like nylon, polypropylene, and polyester, these materials are used to fulfill essential applications. Using powerful HF welding technology, polyethylene goes on to form the IV and waste collection bags that support the medical industry. Thermoplastic welding applies RF sealing energy to materials like polyethylene. This empowers factories to rapidly produce durable outcomes.

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