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RF Platen Presses with Indexing Systems


Use RF welding technology that has reaffirmed Thermatron’s reputation as a leader in the industrial heat sealer arena. Our Radio Frequency Platen Press with Indexing System sets the standard by which all other thermoplastic welding equipment is measured. Thermex-Thermatron’s Indexing System is engineered using the latest in radio frequency welding technology. Discover how with premier equipment, you can maximize efficiency and speed — and scale down on operating expenses. 

Thermex-Thermatron is now offering customizable RF Tooling Services.  Thermex's skilled and experienced team understands all aspects of RF Heat Sealing and RF Tooling from design and engineering to manufacturing, all executed from our Louisville, Kentucky facility.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Rf Platen Press With Indexing System

RF sealing medical bags and other products made directly from rolled materials.

  • Medical bags including IV and waste collection
  • Medical air or water mattresses
  • IV cuffs
  • Seat cushions
  • PLC Controls with HMI
  • Power output from 4kW to 40kW
  • Up to a four (4) roll modular design with heavy duty roll stand featuring an easy to reset alignment guide to ensure proper lateral web travel
  • Web relaxing dance roller and full width clamp to secure material to roll stand
  • Three (3) mode operating - index only, automatic, and semi-automatic mode
  • Jog control for use in set up and/or splicing and replenishment
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Product Technical Specifications for the RF Platen Presses with Indexing Systems

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Elevating HF Welding Processes Across Industries

Thermex-Thermatron engineers have finessed the power of servo motors and advanced motion control systems. Drawing on over 80 years of global experience, our heat sealers move quickly at specific intervals; indexing systems matching the pace of our RF platen presses

Execute Impeccable Positioning and Indexing

Our RF seal systems offer versatility and dependability. These high frequency welding machines are built for rugged, heavy-duty applications. Our low-friction presses offer rapid-fire performance. For powerful efficiency, our frequency-stabilized generators harness the best of RF heat sealing capabilities. Deliver consistent, streamlined throughput — repeatable precision that protects the safety of any user.  

Explore the RF Welding Process
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These Top PVC Welding Tools Uplevel Efficiency

One of the sharpest assets to using this particular industrial heat sealer: the speed and precision of a uniquely designed cutting function. In the medical sector, this becomes key. Our critical thermoplastic welding technology rapidly stamps out and separates medical bags. With a top-tier, robust RF machine, tanks can rely on precise industrial liners. Thermex-Thermatron has likewise helped medical leaders create chemical storage areas — protecting against the impact of corrosion. 

Thermex Thermatron Rf Platen Presses With Indexing Systems
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Thermoplastic Welding

Manufacturers often refer to thermoplastic welding as HF welding or RF sealing. This signifies the process of joining together thermoplastic material pieces. Quickening the process of welding plastic, Thermex-Thermatron technology applies a three-pronged combination. Through heating, pressure, and cooling, PVC welding ensures that thermoplastic materials are optimized. RF sealers are used in many industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, packaging, and industrial textiles.

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