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RF Batch Drying Systems


Thermex-Thermatron's Radio Frequency Drying Systems require all of the inherent design subtleties and complexities of our conventional RF ovens along with several unique to themselves.  Our RF Drying Systems use efficient hot air convection which enhances the drying process while protecting product surfaces.  The drying systems are accompanied by a completely self-contained Thermex generator.  Thermex-Thermatron systems are engineered using the latest in radio frequency technology delivering maximum efficiency and speed at minimal operating costs. 

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Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Rf 30kw Dryer With 30 X 30 Work Area 2021

Drying and curing, moisture leveling, post-baking/dehydration, preheating, testing/heating studies of bulk or granular solids, general drying, adhesive curing


  • Ceramics
  • Adhesives
  • Sand
  • Preheating of very large thermoset resin parts
  • Moisture leveling of wood veneers
  • Curing synthetic rubber
  • Drying textiles
  • Cookies, crackers and biscuits
  • Active heating area of 14” wide x 51” long
  • RF Generator housed in separate enclosure isolated from drying system heating section.
  • Even temperature distribution throughout the load
  • Low maintenance, simple operation
Rf Batch Drying System Brochure Pic

Product Technical Specifications for the RF Batch Drying Systems

Thermex Strip 01


Industrial Radio Frequency Systems – Industrial Radio Frequency Systems include an RF Generator and an Applicator.  An RF Generator transforms electric power into radio frequency waves.  The Applicator ensures the transmission of the RF waves to the product by receiving the electromagnetic energy from the generator through simple conductive metal connectors and applies it to the product to be processed. 

Thermex Strip 02

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