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Oteman Sharp Series Cutting Systems


Thermex-Thermatron Systems is proud to be the North American and Latin American distributor of Oteman Advanced Cutting Systems.

Oteman's advanced cutting technology is engineered to process and cut technical fabrics and composite materials.  The Sharp Series of cutting systems is designed for the Industrial Fabrics industry.  Equipped with a conveyor, the materials can be fed to the cutting table directly from the roll.  The result is a completely automated cutting system.

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Oteman Sharp Multi Tool Conveyor Cutting System With Carousel

This machine is a versatile tool to cut complex shapes while minimizing waste.  It is the optimal automatic cutting solution for materials including wool, cotton, denim, polyester, nylon, and other materials and fabrics.

  • Materials can be fed to the cutting table directly from the roll
  • Driven rotary cutting tool
  • Drag blade
  • Pneumatic drawing tool
  • Vacuum system to fix material to the table
  • Laser pointer
  • CE compliant
  • Safety emergency devices at both sides of the machine
  • Continuous cutting and evacuation of fabric cut
  • Available in different lengths and widths
  • The Sharp C-Laser System features laser precision cutting
  • The Sharp CV Multifunction Cutter features material handling options
  • Static tables
  • Modular head with a wide range of tools available to cut, punch, mark, or plot
  • Carousels
Oteman Sharp Series Cutting System Brochure

Product Technical Specifications for the Oteman Sharp Series Cutting Systems

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Oteman Advanced Cutting Systems – Oteman Advanced Cutting Systems allow for high-precision cutting on all types of materials including PVC coated materials, polyesters, polypropylene, prepreg fiberglass, composites, vinyl, rubber, and leather.  The cutting systems are commonly used in industries such as industrial automation, advanced textiles, medical, and automotive. 

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