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Industrial RF Conveyorized Drying Systems


The Industrial RF Conveyorized Drying System can produce sustained power output levels of up to 120kW to a suitable dielectric load in a stable high voltage, high frequency environment.  With this RF System, it is now possible to take your specific dielectric drying need and introduce the environment necessary to provide the desired heat and heating rate all under the watchful eye of a PLC programmed for real time response.  The synergy of hot air convection is provided with the inclusion of continuously adjustable humidified air in order to manage the moisture released during the process.  At the same time the efficiency of the drying process is enhanced while protecting product surfaces.

The system is also provided with the necessary features to continuously transport the product during the heating process, separate and remove unwanted moisture and report quality oriented results over selected time periods. This is accomplished while providing for the uniform introduction of heat or product profiling, whichever the product and process require. Both the applicator and generator are provided with large, hinged access doors incorporating redundant interlocks to address ease of access for the purpose of installation, process inspection, and maintenance or cleaning. Redundancy provides an additional layer of operator protection should the doors be accidentally opened during operation.

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Drying and curing, moisture leveling, adhesive curing

  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Cookies, crackers, and biscuits
  • Abrasives
  • PLC controls
  • Solid State power supply
  • High efficiency oscillator circuit
  • Built in Solid State and user programmable overload protection circuits
  • Exclusive RF power feed to ensure equal voltage distribution and uniform heating
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Product Technical Specifications for the Industrial RF Conveyorized Drying Systems

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Industrial Radio Frequency Systems – Industrial Radio Frequency Systems include an RF Generator and an Applicator.  An RF Generator transforms electric power into radio frequency waves.  The Applicator ensures the transmission of the RF waves to the product by receiving the electromagnetic energy from the generator through simple conductive metal connectors and applies it to the product to be processed. 

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