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Indexing Nip Roller Systems


The newest addition to our Material Handling Systems collection is the Indexing Nip Roller System. This roller is also known industry-wide as a pinch roller or a grip roller. Thermex-Thermatron Indexing Nip Roller Systems are used in conjunction with our RF and Industrial Press Systems to pull material off the press after being sealed. Each Nip Roller System can be customized to your specific production needs.

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Nip Roller Indexing System

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  • The indexer and unwind stations are integrated into the PLC Control box and operated by the START CYCLE and STOP CYCLE pushbuttons from the Control Panel or manually through the HMI.
  • The Servo drive is connected via Ethernet.
  • The Unwind Stand is customizable in width and can be engineered to hold 3, 4, or 5 rolls of material.
  • On the press entrance is a Servo driven horizontal pinch roller and an idler roller to pull the material from two (2) rolls and assist the metered material into the press.
  • On the exit side of the press there are two (2) driven horizontal rollers to pull the material from the press and feed the metered material under the servo punch out system.
Indexing Nip Roller System Brochure Cover

Product Technical Specifications for the Indexing Nip Roller Systems