Thermex-Thermatron’s frontload shuttles simplify material handling during the welding process while increasing productivity. Our frontload shuttles can be tailored to work with any of our Radio Frequency or ThermaPress Systems. Thermex-Thermatron shuttles are constructed of a reinforced frame with your choice of spring loaded or air drop. Our shuttles are available in manual or a PLC-controlled automatic option. The shuttle table and tray sizes are fully customizable to your equipment. With minimum set up time, quick interchange of product, and an economical price, frontload shuttles make an excellent addition to your production processes.

F10-25 w/Automatic Frontload Shuttle and Swing Arm

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F10-25 with Manual Frontload Shuttle

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KF62/SP40 RF Press with Manual Frontload Shuttle

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1.2kW RF Press with Frontload Shuttle

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