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Take Your Products for a Test Drive at ThermaLab
Thermex-Thermatron Systems

There’s a reason Thermex-Thermatron is an industry-leader: our equipment is better engineered, performing longer in the field and requiring less maintenance than competing brands. For 80 years, we’ve sought to provide only the highest performing equipment to our loyal customer base in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. As the premier builder and a worldwide supplier of high-power industrial microwave, radio frequency, and thermal heating systems, we are confident that our equipment will improve your production process.

However, we understand that some things need to be seen to be believed. For companies whose process does not yet include microwave or RF technology, we’ve provided a risk-free way to test selected products on Thermex equipment in a realistic, manufacturing environment. With ThermaLab, you can see firsthand how microwave and/or RF technology takes your process to the next level.


ThermaLab is our in-house laboratory equipped with multiple system types used in the microwave and RF processes. This dedicated space allows clients to test our equipment right on the manufacturing floor. The systems in ThermaLab are working units, available to test a wide variety of materials and processes to evaluate the suitability for microwave or RF heating. If your company’s manufacturing process involves drying or curing, preheating, bonding or laminating, RF welding or heat sealing, our proven process and equipment may be able to enhance your productivity. With ThermaLab, you can see the Thermex difference in action!

ThermaLab features full-scale Industrial Microwave and Radio Frequency Systems capable of: RF Welding and Heat Sealing, Thermoplastic Material Drying, Curing, Moisture Leveling, Post Baking, and Dehydrating High Pressure Bonding and Laminating Preheating Thermosetting Plastics, Bulk, and Granular Solids Drying and Coating Ballistic, Chemical, and Thermal Resistant Fibers.

Thermex-Thermatron has worked with the following industries on various projects within ThermaLab:

     Medical  |  Military & Security  |  Research & Development  |  Textiles   |   Automotive

     Energy & Oil  |  Metals & Mining  |  Recreation  |  Aerospace  |  Environmental

     Building  |  Tents and Awnings  |  Packaging  |  Industrial Fabrics



ThermaLab provides tremendous value to the consumer experience, as visitors can test new materials or prove new processes using radio frequency or microwave technology.  Our highly skilled team of engineers work side by side with our customers and prospects while they are in the lab to ensure the best possible outcome during testing.

“We look forward to having manufacturing companies bring us new challenges in heating and sealing,” said Thermex-Thermatron Systems' Director of Sales, Mark Isgrigg. “We look forward to testing many new materials as well as helping others upgrade their current means of heating and sealing in production. Once manufacturers in various markets begin to discover new methods using RF and MW technologies, we anticipate that will encourage others within these industries to upgrade as well.”

Participants can accompany their products to our Louisville, Kentucky facility, or we can test products from provided specifications and report the results. Either way, our engineers assist through every step of the process. If the process proves beneficial and viable, we can provide specific equipment information, recommendations, and pricing for review.

Watch our overview video for a glimpse into ThermaLab!


All Thermex-Thermatron products are engineered, manufactured, and assembled at our nearly 40,000 square foot facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Our team has an average tenure of 15 years, ensuring that our customers receive the best and most knowledgeable service in the industry. Thermex-Thermatron specializes in design and engineering services, technical and field support, and replacement and spare parts.

For Thermex and Thermatron inquiries, contact our Director of Sales, Dean Mancuso (; 502/916-8972 or 502/243-5636).

For FIAB and Oteman inquiries, contact our Director of Business Development, Traci Evling (; 502/916-8981 or 904/662-2169).

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