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Advantages of Microwave Heating Technology
Thermex-Thermatron Systems

Advantages Microwave Heating Technology

As a leading manufacturer of high-frequency heating equipment, Thermex-Thermatron supplies industrial microwave units and systems to a wide range of industries. Many different types of materials may be heated by exposure to a high-frequency field. Materials that are difficult to heat uniformly by conventional methods, such as nonmetallic or non-conducting materials, are particularly suitable for high-frequency heating, providing they possess the necessary physical properties.

Microwave heating technology holds a myriad of advantages, including up to 70% energy savings, reduced equipment size, and clean energy transfer. Read more to learn about the top advantages of industrial microwave systems: 

Volumetric Heating

This type of heating gives rise to a rapid energy transfer into the material. The wave penetration into various materials positively affects many applications. In conventional heating, the flow is initiated on the material’s surface and the rate of heat flow depends on the material’s thermal properties.

Energy Savings

Lower temperatures associated with the cavity surroundings mean that radiation, conduction and convection heat losses are reduced. This can represent energy savings of up to 70%.

Reduced Equipment Size

The rapid dissipation of energy and the high energy densities capable in small volumes allows equipment to be up to 20% smaller than conventional systems.

Instantaneous Control

Power can be controlled instantly in a microwave system. This gives better control of process parameters as well as rapid start-up and shut down.

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Selective Heating

A material’s dielectric properties determine its ability to be heated by electromagnetic energy. This means that in a mixture containing a number of different constituents, the heating of each will vary. This variation can have profound positive consequences on energy usage, bulk reaction temperatures, moisture removal and process simplification.

Clean Energy Transfer

The electromagnetic nature of microwaves means that energy transfer to material is usually via polarization effect within the material itself. This direct transfer of energy eliminates many of the problems associated with organic fuel usage for the end user.

High Temperatures

The energy transfer mechanism for electromagnetic to thermal energy is a function of a material’s electrical properties. This allows continuous dumping of energy into some materials. Provided that heat losses can be controlled, very high material temperatures can be achieved with simple and relatively low power microwave generators.

Driven Chemical Reactions

Many chemical reactions can be accelerated using microwaves. Solvent-free reactions are gaining popularity in many labs, thus reducing problems associated with waste disposal of solvents and other hazardous chemicals.

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