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MD&M West 2022: Thermex-Thermatron Supporting Medical Manufacturers
Thermex-Thermatron Systems

Every year, the world’s brightest leaders of medtech, from leading engineers to high-level business entrepreneurs and compelling thought leaders, unite at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West — a trade show exhibiting the best in medical devices, technology, and innovation that’s turning the industry on its head. Internationally recognized as the biggest medical design and manufacturing event, Thermex-Thermatron Systems (“Thermex”) looks ahead to attending MD&M at the Anaheim Convention Center from April 12 through April 14, 2022. 

Thermex-Thermatron MD&M West 2022 Visit Booth #3064

The Impact of Innovation: Helping Medical Manufacturers Outlast an Everlasting Pandemic 

MD&M West will exhibit leading products, technology, and solutions from more than a thousand suppliers spanning across the globe. With customizable, industry-transforming technology, leveraging over 80 years of expertise, Thermex’s radio frequency welding systems offer medical manufacturers new applications — all while bolstering existing processes in dielectric heating. Our heat sealing equipment has been critical through the ongoing pandemic with the subsequent rising demands for life-changing medical supplies. As a manufacturer of equipment in the medical industry, Thermex is looking forward to participating in the trade show for the seventh year.  

Throughout the crisis of a global pandemic, the medical manufacturing industry has scrambled to keep pace with the escalating demand for essential devices; all while navigating constant upturns and new variables, including the daunting disruption of supply chains. Thermex’s systems have helped manufacturers in need meet the rocketing demand for specialized medical products, helping to bring both safety as well as comfort. Manufacturers trust Thermex’s advanced technology, relying on our leading designs, manufacturing, and support of dielectric heating systems to elevate high-quality medical production.

Our custom-designed and expertly engineered RF welder and sealer systems allow medical manufacturers to fulfill even the most stringent industry specifications. In an era where the medical industry desperately needs more and more blood and IV bags, blood pressure cuffs, air mattresses, medical support cushions, and more, Thermex-Thermatron equipment has revolutionized the way medical manufacturers can quickly and effectively deliver lifesaving devices to the masses.  

Thermex-Thermatron’s in-house laboratory, ThermaLab, offers clients like medical manufacturers the possibility to test Thermex-Thermatron equipment — seeing the advantages firsthand on our fully-dedicated manufacturing floor. There, medical manufacturers can test their materials leveraging Thermex’s advanced radio frequency heating technology — even turning to our development services; choosing how best to optimize Thermex’s dielectric heating systems to produce vital medical components.

Powerful RF Welding and Heat Sealing: Tailor-Made for the Medical Manufacturing Industry

Thermex-Thermatron’s line of RF Welders and RF Heat Sealers includes systems with 1.2kW to 40kW in output power capabilities. Medical manufacturers welding thermoplastics and industrial fabrics turn to high-quality industrial RF equipment, as these innovative systems deliver durable seals consistently throughout the production process across various unique materials. Thermex has created custom RF Sealing equipment — so that manufacturers gain the ability to adapt equipment strengths to their industry’s sealing and heating processes; technology created to strengthen operational efficiency.

Our RF Platen Presses ensure that medical manufacturers can safely and reliably produce anything from colostomy, enema, and waste collection bags to sealing medical bags, such as blood or IV cuffs. 

Thermex-Thermatron MD&M West 2022 — 6 Pivotal Heat Sealing Applications For Rf Platen Presses

Whether medical devices are created to be disposable or durable, advanced technology that ensures precision and enhances quality can be the difference between comfort and danger. Manufacturing processes are what help essential medical products and devices feel safe for doctors to administer and patients to use. In an era where more and more patients are flooding hospitals, not only is it critical to be able to meet mass demands — it’s fundamental for products and devices to be built to maximize every possible benefit. 

The Benefits of Utilizing Material Handling Systems to Produce Valuable Medical Devices

Especially when needs for more and more medical devices have ramped up throughout the pandemic, ease of use during production is a welcome benefit on the manufacturing floor. Thermex-Thermatron has developed numerous Material Handling Systems — built to enable labor to be leveraged with top efficiency during production cycles. From Indexing Nip Rollers to Indexing Systems and Unwind Stands, Frontload Shuttles, Turntables, Side by Side Shuttles, and Side Shuttles, Thermex has created a number of Industrial RF, Industrial MW, and Industrial Press System solutions; all made to empower smoother production processes. 

For medical inflatables, like cushions, manufacturers rely on our Turntable Systems, likewise leveraged along with our RF and Industrial Press Systems. Laboring in a quicker, streamlined production cycle equips you with total control rapid-fire production — and all with less loading time needed to unlock swift, accurate results. Seamless to operate, we’ve applied our over 80 years of industries-wide global experience to each product; so our high frequency equipment is made to deliver ease of use, versatility, and maximized throughput. 

Thermex-Thermatron MD&M West 2022 — 3 Innovative Features In Turntable Systems

Trusted all over the world, Thermex-Thermatron’s industry-proven insights and technological advancements have helped the medical manufacturing sector create quality, necessary products more quickly; supporting manufacturing processes at a time of skyrocketing demand. Thermex looks forward to the MD&M Show in Anaheim, California, where we will be among enterprising peers, striving to improve lives all over the world. 



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