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MD&M WEST 2021: Thermex-Thermatron Debuts Newly Acquired
JTE Machines
Thermex-Thermatron Systems

Each year, top international engineers and executives come together at MD&M West to share the latest innovations, technology, and medical devices transforming the med tech industry. Next month at the biggest medical design and manufacturing event in the world, Thermex-Thermatron Systems (“Thermex”) is set to showcase its acquisition of Florida-based JTE Machines — a cutting-edge engineering, design, and automation firm for RF and other forms of material sealing. Introducing an alliance that empowers Thermex’s engineering, manufacturing, and service capabilities, the company will join fellow industry disruptors at the Anaheim Convention Center from August 10 through August 12, 2021. 

Thermex-Thermatron MD&M West Tradeshow August 2021

Combining Groundbreaking Technology with a Mission to Improve Production

A trusted leader in manufacturing high-power industrial RF and MW Systems for heating dielectric materials, Thermex-Thermatron has helped key medical professionals get the most out of their medical products, from IV bags to infusion cuffs and medical support cushions. In a COVID era where hospitals needed production to be able to meet an increased demand, Thermex-Thermatron’s technology advancements helped communities receive more blood pressure cuffs and mattresses for wound care. 

Acquiring JTE is a powerful step forward, allowing Thermex-Thermatron to gain greater depth of knowledge and experience in the RF arena — collaborating on resources to better serve the needs of medical customers. JTE’s specialized automation design experience is easily adaptable to Thermex-Thermatron equipment, further assisting Thermex to continue creating positive impacts for the med tech community. For instance, Thermex’s Material Handling Systems enhance a range of Radio Frequency Systems and Industrial Presses, including advantageous options like manual and fully automatic shuttles, turntables, indexing systems, and unwind stands.

Additionally, JTE provides valuable equipment to the medical and packaging industries using ultrasonic, automation, and RF technology. Through this acquisition, Thermex now is the North American distributor for European-based Oteman Advanced Cutting Technology, facilitating customers to utilize precise laser cutting systems to slitting machines. 

Changing the Lives of Patients Across the Globe

Designing and engineering custom RF welder or sealer systems allows Thermex-Thermatron to fulfill the medical industry’s exact specifications and compliance requirements. Drawing on the power of optimized radio frequency heating systems, manufacturers not only yield the highest quality medical products, they are able to do so more efficiently. Moreover, systems that drive better production speed and consistency mean leveraging end products that become much safer for use. Thermex-Thermatron equipment prepares manufacturers to quickly supply lifesaving products, imparting healing and relief to patients worldwide.  

Benefiting from over 80 years of developing and manufacturing experience, Thermex-Thermatron creates systems made to deliver precision and accuracy — easy to repeat tailored results again and again. As Thermex-Thermatron strives to shape medical manufacturing solutions to best serve patients, fusing their expertise with JTE’s innovative technology marks a progressive new chapter. Soon in Anaheim, California, among forward-thinking leaders crafting the future’s large-scale, intelligently designed solutions, Thermex is proud to present JTE Machines and all that the companies are ready to offer together. 

Thermex-Thermatron MD&M West Conference System

Traci Evling, Director of Business Development and former Managing Partner of JTE Machines, says, “We are delighted to become part of the industry’s most reputable and reliable RF machine companies, and together we now offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to exceed the increasingly demanding requirements of medical product manufacturing.”

For Thermex and Thermatron inquiries, contact our Director of Sales, Dean Mancuso (; 502/916-8972 or 502/243-5636).

For FIAB and Oteman inquiries, contact our Director of Business Development, Traci Evling (; 502/916-8981 or 904/662-2169).