RF Welding Platen Press

RF Welding Platen Press

RF Welding Platen Press

In RF welding equipment, quality, reliability and safety have become synonymous with the name Thermatron. Our line of RF Platen Presses is no exception. Thermatron engineers have created systems delivering maximum efficiency and speed at minimum operating costs. The RF Platen Presses represent significant technology advances that have made Thermatron equipment the standard by which others are measured.

Welding and sealing of thermoplastic materials

Sealing medical bags including blood or IV cuffs • Air mattresses • Water mattresses • Colostomy bags • Enema bags • Waste collection bags • Other medical products and devices • Tents and tarps • Pool and pit liners • Seat cushions • Containment booms and barriers • Inflatable items (airbags, pipe plugs, recovery floats, life vests, watercraft) • Automotive mats, Panels and flat carpet applications • Packaging • General RF sealing


  • Solid state power supply
  • High efficiency oscillator circuit
  • Built in D.C. overload protection circuits
  • Air exhaust silencers for noise free operation
  • Up and down pneumatic press speed controls
  • Frequency stabilized generator at 27.12 MHz +/- 0.6%
  • Air filters, water trap lubricator and pressure regulator for carefree maintenance
  • SAT two-hand electrical safety system with OSHA approved Dual Interlock, non-tie down controls
  • Exclusive RF power feed to assure equal voltage distribution and uniform sealing
  • Standard voltage is 60 cycles; 50 cycles and other voltages optional
  • Height of bed surface from the floor is approximately 36″

We offer the RF Platen Press in the following options:

Front Load Shuttle • Side By Side Shuttle • Indexing System • Turntable System

RF Welding Platen Press
Download the RF Platen Press with Front Load Shuttle Spec Sheet
Download the RF Platen Presses Spec Sheet
Download the RF Welding Platen Press With Side by Side Shuttle Spec Sheet
Download the RF Welding Platen Press With Indexing System Spec Sheet
Download the RF Welding Platen Press With Turntable System Spec Sheet