Used across many industries in the manufacture of products comprised of various materials, Thermex-Thermatron RF Hydraulic Presses are engineered to exacting standards for reliability and dependability. Below are three (3) of our fully customizable hydraulic models:

Hydraulic Seal and Cut RF Press

25 Ton Hydraulic Seal and Cut RF Press

Our heavy-duty hydraulic seal and cut RF press, the 25 Ton model, is ideal for tough jobs where maximum throughput is necessary at all times. As is true for our Four Ton RF Seal & Cut Press, this model has uniquely combined the sealing and die-cutting operations specifically for those materials that cannot be tear-sealed through conventional dielectric heat sealing methods. Our air/hydraulic and air operated Radio Frequency Platen Presses can be customized to your exacting specifications for both sealing and cutting.

Specialty medical devices, automotive visors and door panels, and reinforced inflatables

Medical devices • Automotive Interiors • Military/Aerospace • Barriers • Advertising Specialties • Environmental • Garments and Containment


  • Two RF presses comprised of a heavy duty air/hydraulic Seal and Cut C Press with 50,000 pounds of adjustable cutting force along with a heavy duty air C Press with 2825 pounds of force with 0-40kW of RF power available.
  • Solid state power supply with surge limit circuit.
  • Four position platen-leveling adjustments.
  • Separate grid and plate meters for simultaneous read out.
  • Plate overload indicator.
  • AS-5 patented arc suppressor with sensitivity controls.
  • Up and down pneumatic press variable speed controls.
  • Two hinged generator cabinet access doors

800 Ton RF Hydraulic Press

800 Ton RF Hydraulic Press

Thermex-Thermatron’s 800 Ton Radio Frequency Hydraulic Press is engineered using the latest in radio frequency technology, incorporating the power of hydraulics to deliver maximum efficiency, speed, and power at minimal operating costs for RF heat sealing. Our systems are versatile, dependable, rugged and heavy duty – from the low friction presses to the powerful, efficient, frequency-stabilized generators. Thermex also offers a 700 Ton Radio Frequency Hydrualic Press as an alternative option for a system.

Laminated Composites and Glass • Nomex • Kevlar • Phenolic

Aerospace • Ballistics • Military


  • Output power of 50kW
  • Programmable PLC
  • Adjustable hydraulic pressure
  • Fast closing six hydraulic cylinder system with 12″ bore, developing 800 tons of force on the press platens
  • Continuous duty, air cooled output power
  • Six post double-bearing press Guiding System
  • Built-in arc detection
  • Controls conform to IEC Standards
  • Meets or exceeds OSHSA Standard 29 CRF 1910.97
  • Designed for ease of inspection, installation and maintenance

An upgraded PLC is also available and offers the following features:

  • An Allen-Bradley Compact Logix Ethernet processor with a Panel View plus 700 color HMI
  • Operator interface displays the profile number and cycle parameters in progress
  • The following analog signals are monitored by the PLC and displayed on the HMI: Plate Voltage Plate Current * Grid Bias Voltage * Grid Current * Load Capacitor Position * Grid Capacitor Position

60 Ton RF Hydraulic Press

60 Ton RF Hydraulic Press

This 60 Ton Radio Frequency Hydraulic Press is engineered using the latest in RF technology delivering maximum efficiency and speed at minimal operating costs. Our units are versatile, dependable, rugged and heavy duty – from the low friction presses to the powerful, efficient, frequency-stabilized generators.

High pressure bonding • Laminating and curing

Honeycomb structures for aircraft • Composite armor and ballistic panels • Glass Lamination • High pressure bonded composite laminations • Solar panel and display lamination • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) • Particle Board • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) • Resin bonded composite components for aerospace applications


  • An Allen Bradley PLC with Allen Bradley HMI
  • RF Generator housed in an aluminum cabinet with side hinged access doors for ease of inspection and maintenance
  • AS-5 patented arc suppressor
  • Down acting Hydraulic Press equipped with four (4) hydraulic cylinders with a 4″ by 18″ stroke developing 60 tons of force on the press platens
  • Two (2) hand electrical OSHA-approved press safety system furnished with automatic platen stops for safety
  • OSHA compliant mw/cm² shielding surrounds the RF electrode

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