Thermex-Thermatron Automotive Industry Applications

Automotive Industry Applications

Let Thermex-Thermatron Microwave & Radio Frequency Technology Improve Your Automotive Manufacturing Process

Thermex-Thermatron provides a wide range of microwave and radio frequency systems for automotive industry applications that help manufacturers produce high-quality automotive parts more efficiently. By employing Thermex products, manufacturers can make specialized automotive equipment that improves safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Easy to operate and cost-effective, Thermex-Thermatron systems give manufacturers the ability to produce the highest quality products for their automotive projects in the welding and sealing of thermoplastic materials.

Microwave and Radio Frequency Heating Systems for Automotive

Thermex-Thermatron MW and RF sealing systems are widely used by companies in the manufacture of automotive products. The microwave and radio frequency heating used by Thermex-Thermatron equipment allows the worker to maintain substantial control, making it ideal for producing many types of automotive parts. Many Thermex-Thermatron systems also offer pneumatic press speed controls, solid state power supplies, and easy maintenance features.

The Automotive Carpet Platen Press is a high-frequency heat sealer specifically designed to weld automotive carpet pads. This system represents the significant technological advances that have made Thermex-Thermatron equipment the standard by which others are measured. Other popular automotive products currently made with Thermex-Thermatron systems include: heel pads, toe pads, scuff pads, seat labels, sun visors, heated seating, and airbag detection seat bladders.

The Leader in Microwave & Radio Frequency Welding Systems

If your products require welding, heat-sealing, bonding, preheating, drying, or lamination, Thermex-Thermatron’s systems are perfect for your automotive project! By using the latest automotive manufacturing technology, you can expect to improve process speed, output quality, cycle times, and production costs.

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