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Aerospace Industry Applications

Let Thermex-Thermatron Radio Frequency Technology Improve Your Aircraft Component Manufacturing Process

Thermex-Thermatron provides a variety of radio frequency systems that help manufacturers produce high-quality products for aerospace applications more efficiently. By utilizing Thermex products, manufacturers can make specialized aerospace components that have improved safety, density, and quality. Easy to operate and cost-effective, Thermex-Thermatron systems allow manufacturers to produces the highest quality products for their aircraft projects when curing honeycomb or sandwich core structures for aircraft.

Curing Honeycomb or Sandwich Core Structures for Aircraft

Thermex-Thermatron’s RF Hydraulic Presses are an ideal system for use in the aerospace industry. Designed for ease of installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance, the RF Hydraulic Press has an output power of up to 50kW continuous duty and is available with either 700 tons or 800 tons of force. This system is frequently used for curing RF cured honeycomb material and for glass lamination.

Radio Frequency Cured Honeycomb Material produced by a Thermex RF Hydraulic Press is commonly used for pressing and curing composite paper or laminating glass. There are different types of honeycomb structured composite paper, including Nomex, Kevlar, and Twaron. Nomex is commonly used for aircraft parts, including flooring panels, interior walls, storage bins, exterior control surfaces, engine nacelles, helicopter blades, and tail booms.

The Leader In Industrial Radio Frequency Systems

If your production process requires drying, curing, preheating, bonding, laminating, welding, or heat sealing, there’s a Thermex-Thermatron system perfect for your aerospace project! By using the latest aerospace manufacturing technology, you can expect to improve process speed, output quality, cycle times, and lower production costs. Join the many aerospace engineering companies already enjoying better results using our systems.

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